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Who is supposed to be to blame for a child’s outlook on life.  The easy answer is the parents. The easy thing to say is that a when a child is born the parents are solely to blame for anything that a child is exposed to. Although this is probably a good place to start there are definitely more variables which determine a child’s perspective of the world. At some point we need to take responsibility as a community for our actions.

If there are problems that exist now in the world, these problems didn’t occur recently. The older generations need to take responsibility and realize that their actions are to blame for the misdirection of the younger generations.  You see, the younger generations are different.  They will take more responsibility for themselves.  They won't blame others for their thoughts.  They won't blame others for their problems.  And they will not even let the intolerance of others dictate their perspective.  They'll hold themselves accountable for their views on everything from race and class to gender and sexual preference. They will offer those who differ from themselves some words of encouragement as opposed to words of negativity.

They also won't hate others for being different.  They won't hate or blame these people for the negativity and cynicism they teach them through misguided actions no matter if it’s big or small.  They'll put an end to negativity because it's not through blaming those who lead them astray that we change anything at all.  It is through love that they will succeed in building a world closer to the kind of world that we all want.  Not just a world more tolerant and colorful, but one more embraced and celebrated.  It is with perspective and understanding that they will have more diverse friends than any other generation and it is this perspective that will replace the word discrimination with what it really means, which is hate.  

It is this perspective that the largest revolution in the elimination of discrimination will not exist, but rather the largest revolution of love will exist.  That is why they could never hate intolerant people for hating others.  That is how they will be the generation to change the world.  And I hope you too get on board with their revolution as you hear these words of encouragement. Because everyone is welcome and through a combined effort we can eliminate hate from our world and move closer to a place that is absent of anything in contrast to love and tolerance.